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How can highly sensitive people find peace in their lives in spite of that "eternal pain" they feel?

YOUR STORY: Coaching PlatformWhat’s your story, and how does your life’s experiences fit in the bigger story God is telling?

This coaching platform is a research and development project that takes a Bible-based approach to making lasting changes with circumstances, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, outcomes, and consequences.

We help you make sense of your

circumstances, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, outcomes, & consequences;

by using the Bible and a story plot diagram as our coaching tools.

LMS Outreach Coaching and Consulting presents YOUR STORY - A program for highly sensitive people to find refuge in a relationship with God.

If you know what we mean when we say “eternal pain” because you and your “too emotional” trait doesn’t let you feel the joy you see in others, then…

…you are in the right place!

Can you relate to any of these?

  • You’re probably a very keen observer. 
  • You mimic the behaviors you see in others so you can fit in, but you aren’t being authentic, because you probably have fear, or anxiety about what people will think of you.
  • You may have been told something is wrong with you, or people are suspicious of you because of your intuition, discernment, or knowledge of things others don’t sense.
  • You process thoughts and emotions deeply. 
  • You like to learn about the “why” and “what if” and consequences before you make a decision.
  • You cry easily.
  • You feel the emotions of others, and are highly sensitive, especially to their anger, fear, and sadness.
  • If you aren’t alert, you end up adopting the emotions of others as your own, and now you have raw emotions that take root in your soul.
  • You probably had, or currently have, relationships with people who don’t understand HSP traits, and they use your emotions against you.
  • You are deeply hurt because you let your guard down to let people into your inner circle, only to be rejected because they fear you, are suspicious of you, or see you as an outcast.
  • You have a sense of dread because you can discern and process events (past, present, and anticipated) while others seem to live a carefree life because they can’t see the bigger picture you can see.
  • Being able to reason out, and consider consequences before you act is part of who you are.
  • You might overthink things and rob yourself of opportunities because of how you process information.
  • And you probably have a host of other topics you could add to this bullet point list about what it’s like to be you in your world!

YOUR STORY is about learning how YHWH (God) has created you, and how you can use your highly sensitive traits for His glory.

Join our research and development phases and help steer the direction of this project!

What is it like to be you, and how can you fit into a world that thrives on chaos, loud sounds, flashing images, neon lights, and everything else that makes you want to retreat to a quiet sanctuary?

A Look Ahead

Get on The Waiting List

But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint. ~ Isaiah 40:3 ~

The Waiting List is more than just a newsletter.   It’s our free coaching membership; and it will always be free!

YOUR STORY follows a roadmap and the very beginning of the map starts with The Waiting List.

Our development schedule for the platform includes 4 core stages.


Early registration open now. Join us for the phase 1 launch which is research and development. We are creating a community and program for highly sensitive people and would like to hear your story. What is it like for you to be a highly sensitive person? What are you needs? Your struggles? Your triumphs? Your dreams? What holds you back from getting to the other side of your circumstances?


This is a continuation of the roadmap; and full access to the community features. It's a yearly subscription for $15.


$5 / month add-on option to the Voyagers Membership program. This is a great opportunity as a founding member. Each season we work on developing a new module for the road map and need people to help test the worksheets, coaching sessions, and workshops before they are released to the public. You become a co-developers!


$20 / month. Self-study program with optional coaching sessions.

This program will be available to the public after the Brainstormers beta test each season's module releases.

Optional coaching sessions are $25 / group session. In future growth phases, we will add additional coaches, making it possible to offer 1:1 coaching.


What have you been asking God to resolve, and how long have you been waiting?


Co-Creators of The Waiting List

We are developing The Waiting List course, workshops, and membership.   When you register on this site, you will become a New Member, which has a checklist to work on.   Each level in YOUR STORY builds on the previous level.   You’ll be following a road map, and we are developing this roadmap based on actual needs of people.

Become a co-creator during the development of The Waiting List, and you can be a beta tester for the first season! 

You also get to co-create the coaching sessions, worksheets, and workshops!

Once you get on The Waiting List, you’ll see an announcement on your dashboard.   Click that for more information.  

Highly Sensitive People & the Unresolved Circumstances that Changed Them.


The Making of a Coach

Colleen didn’t know then what a highly sensitive person was, or what would happen if she was paired with someone who toys with the emotions of others.

The term highly sensitive was coined in 1997, but she made the mistake of laughing at God, shortly before getting in a patrol car in 1985.

Subjected to a controlling cop and his cult-like church, her experience pushed her farther and farther away from trusting God.

Be silent, and go along with the cop, or he would see to it she would never be a cop. 

Now, she is sharing her story as she learns how to undo the damage to her thoughts and emotions, as she seeks to understand the God who is, and how the rest of her life can be lived for His glory.

Future Development


The full YOUR STORY platform development follows the conclusion of The Making of a Coach.   If you would like to be a founding member and be involved in the development of the YOUR STORY platform, there are three steps prior to being able to be a founding member.

STEP 1:  Register on the site and complete the New Member orientation.

STEP 2: Become a member of the trial Brainstormers Membership if you want to co-develop the YOUR STORY platform.  This free, trial membership lasts for as long as it takes to develop The Waiting List (season 1 of the YOUR STORY project).   Once The Waiting List is taken out of development, then we go into season 2, and the Brainstormer Membership is $5 / month.

STEP 3:  The remainder of the YOUR STORY platform will be developed.  Founding members (Brainstormers Membership) will be co-creators in each season you are interested in.  Stop, start, or pause your membership for seasons that don’t interest you.  You will have early access to the platform because you’ll be in the development stages of it.   After the YOUR STORY season completes beta testing, it will be launched to the public and the self-study version is $20 / month.  The development version is $5/ month under this membership.

STEP 4: PUBLIC LAUNCH of YOUR STORY.  The Brainstormer Membership will be ended when the platform has been completed, unless additional modules are needed and there is an interest in co-development of new projects.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth....

YOUR STORY is here, some place in the middle of the beginning of His story, and the ending.

What good works did God prepare beforehand for you to walk in?

... and in the end, He said "Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End."

"Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth"


Please keep in mind that FB’s algorithm can, has before, (and will again) randomly ban administrators, leaving them no access to their account, pages, and groups.  We use Facebook to post public content that can be found in other platforms we post to, but we don’t post information that is only available on Facebook.  The same goes for our FB group. 

Not sure if you want to be a member of the YOUR STORY private coaching community?  You can join our FB group instead, and connect with us there. 

YouTube is where we published our short stories that summarize lessons.  We use the LSM Outreach gardens as the backdrop scenes in our coaching videos.  This is because most highly sensitive people can relate to nature, and the founder of YOUR STORY was given a year-long opportunity to transform 2 acres into gardens. 

Rumble is our vlog style of communication that leads up to the finished videos that are published on YouTube.  Think of this vlog as the main public communication channel that works out what will be published on the YouTube channel.  We chose Rumble as our main public communication outlet because the other platforms don’t allow free speech.

Colleen Crawford blogs about being a coach, gardening, hummingbirds, and transformation from junk food to a more plant-based diet.  Her passion is to teach others how to coach themselves by using Biblical wisdom and having a relationship with YHWH regardless of circumstances.